Testing Lab

Lactate Testing and Assessment -  Lactate tests can help to determine a baseline performance and repeat testing can monitor changes to performance. Protrain uses lactate analysis to determine recommended heart rate and power training zones. This is a maximal effort test performed under supervision in a controlled environment.

The lactate threshold test is an incremental test to voluntary exhaustion.  You will be given a 10 minute warm-up on your bike. When the test begins it is very easy (~100W).  The intensity will increase by small increments every 3-4 minutes (~30-40W) and will continue until you cannot keep pace and fatigue forces you to stop.  You can obviously stop at any time before exhaustion if you are not feeling comfortable with anything during the test. We will aim to have you complete 5-8 stages during the test so you should expect to exercise for 25-35min.  During the last 30-60 seconds of each stage we will take a small finger-prick blood sample for lactate analysis. You will wear a heart rate monitor and this will be recording along with cadence and power throughout the test. The rest is up to you on the day.

We will use the lactate values we get to work out some important thresholds and relate those to your heart rate and power.  This information can then be used to target specific heart rate and power training zones to improve various components of fitness and allow you to maximize your training.

The total testing time session from arrival to departure, including setup, calibration, warm-up, lactate test and discussion of the results should last approximately 1-1.5 hours.

Cost of test and report - $149
(This report will show training zone recommendations for power and heart rate)

If you are unsure if we can help you or if you want to discuss our services further, email us at training@protrain.co.nz OR call us 027 477 8673

(Note: All prices are in NZ Dollars and inclusive of GST)